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About Us

Connecting with people and attitudes worldwide!

About Us

PeoplesAttitude’s mission is to make the world more connected by creating a platform where people can learn about one another’s cultures, quirks and attitudes. It is affiliated to Elvee Digital Solutions and to Delizon International.

Delizon is an international publishing company which, in collaboration with Elvee Digital Solutions, develops related software and training programmes for use in different parts of the world. Peoplesattitude began as a platform for promoting cultural books and media products across international borders, and has gradually become an interactive hotspot and social network spanning several partners and projects.

To contact us, write, email or call:

Aide à la Publication et à la vente de livres
19 rue des Alliés, 64000 Pau, France
Call : +33760417488
Mobile : +33647266763
Email : press@peoplesattitude.net

The synergy of PeoplesAttitude is expressed through a consortium of enterprises, peoples, collaborations and projects. PeoplesAttitude newsletters are sent out to members of the different platforms jointly.